Of Mice and Men

This adaptation of the classic novel by John Steinbeck returns to our programme. Set in California at the height of the Depression, it tells the story of two farm workers, George and Lennie who go on the run. When they find work on a ranch in a new town, the ranch owner’s son Curley takes an immediate dislike to the pair. When Curley picks a fight with Lennie and gets his hand crushed, subsequent events involving Curley’s wife lead to disaster. Their best-laid plans tragically collapse as George fights, unsuccessfully to save his friend. John Malkovich is exceptional as Lennie and Gary Sinese as George also directs.

USA w 1992 w Drama w 111 mins w Director: Gary Sinese

Also showing with To Kill a Mockingbird at CINEMAGIC Festival for Young People, Belfast, November 29th – December 9th. For booking contact Nicki Fulcher on (04890) 311900

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