Nothing Personal

Director: Thaddeus O'Sullivan

The violence that has plagued Northern Ireland throughout the twentieth century has proved an attractive topic for filmmakers and it is one turned to here by Thaddeus O’Sullivan in this hard-hitting film that depicts would-be political fighters as gangland criminals. A fragile ceasefire is brokered by Republican and Loyalist leaders Cecil (Gerard McSorley) and Leonard (Michael Gambon) but proves difficult to hold with fighters such as the psychotic Ginger (Ian Hart) unwilling to lay down arms. Ginger becomes an uncontrollable figure, kidnapping innocent man Liam (John Lynch), an act which precipitates disaster. O’Sullivan’s vision of Northern Ireland and the Troubles is one that sees the violence as lawless feuding, with figures claiming to be in control in fact powerless in this powerful condemnation of life-shattering violence.

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