Director: Ole Bornedal

A big hit in Scandinavia, and already slated for a Hollywood remake, Ole Bornedal’s terrific Nightwatch is the best thing to happen to Danish cinema in many years. It’s an intelligent, exciting and chilling psychological horror story in which an ordinary young man becomes linked to a chain of serial killings amid the creepy setting of a hospital morgue, where the strange goings-on include bodies rising from slabs. Critic Michael Dwyer reviewed Bornedal’s film enthusiastically from the Gothernburg Film Festival: The discoveryj of the Festival was a dazzling horror-thriller from Denmark, the gripping, imaginative and dark-humoured Nightwatch, which marks an assured and highly auspicious feature debut for its director. Ole Bornedal. The film stars a likeable newcomer, Nikolaj Waldau, as Martin, a young law student who takes a job as night watchman at a morgue at a time a serial killer is stalking and murdering prostitutes in Copenhagen. Lured by his best friend into a game of truch or dare in which the stakes keep rising, Martin risks jeopardising his relationship with his girlfriend and finds himself suspected as the serial killer. Ole Brondedal piles on the tension with style and skill, producing one particularly chilling moment which sent a tingle right through me, and he truly puts the audience through the mill in the sadistically protracted climateick sequences.

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