Nightmares In Red, White & Blue

Director: Andrew Monument

USA • 2009 • 96 min

Subtitled The Evolution Of The American Horror Film, this major new documentary lets a choice selection of iconic filmmakers – horror movie specialists one and all – reflect upon the notion of fright flick as a mirror to American cultural attitudes and values. And what a line-up of talking heads we have: seasoned raconteurs like John Carpenter, George A. Romero, Roger Corman (due to receive an honourary Oscar next Spring), Larry Cohen, Joe Dante and Horrorthon’s good friend Brian Yuzna. A labour of love for writer/producer Joseph Maddrey, Nightmares In Red, White & Blue is adapted from Maddrey’s illuminating 2004 book of the same name: here, he’s crafted an utterly essential work that gives finally credit where credit is long overdue. Horror movies have always had plenty to say about the times we live in, more so than any number of ‘quality’ pictures – pay your respects to the true giants of the genre. All this and a voiceover from Lance (Pumpkinhead) Henriksen? This is definitely one for the fans. You’ll have to excuse us. We just died and went to horror geek heaven.

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