Next Generation 2003: Short Films Programme

An initiative established by the Export-Union of German Cinema in 1998, ‘Next Generation’ is a mixed programme of the very best short films by the new crop of film school students. The work ranges from live action to animation.
The Day Winston Ngakambe Came to Kiel (2003. 9 mins.) is a new work by celebrated shorts director Jasper Aherns.
Richard Lehun’s Fetish (2002. 7 mins.) is about an old man who is thrown into a state of melancholy and attempts to relive moments from his past life.
Olaf Encke’s animation piece Cluck Cluck (2002. 6 mins.) describes what happens when an authoritarian boss is replaced by a new team leader.
Andreas Teuchert’s War on Stones (2003. 11 mins.) is about the craft of building stone walls.
Andreas Krein’s Nuts and Bolts (2003. 6 mins.) is about a lunch break held high up on the steel supports of a construction site.
Andre F. Nebe’s Tricky Fingers (2002. 6 mins.) is about an elegant female pickpocket who is having a successful evening at an art gallery opening.
In Tom Uhlenbruck’s Last Train (2002. 10 mins.)
a confident young woman is convinced that she can understand everything about a person from a single glance.
In Sven Martin’s animation film Knight Games (2003. 6 mins.) a dragon teaches his son how to defend himself against attack.
Hyekung Jung’s Sofa (2001. 3 mins.) is an absurd animation piece which observes through simultaneous and parallel frames the events taking place in two neighbouring apartments.
Oliver Held’s Spring (2002. 7 mins.) is about a nine-year-old kid who wants to prove that he isn’t a coward by jumping from a five-meter diving board.

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