Myth of Fingerprints, The

Director: Bart Freundlich

The last time Warren joined his family for Thanksgiving he walked out on his childhood sweatheart, Daphne. That was three years ago. Now the family’s meeting up again and while life has moved on for his older siblings, Warren’s has stood still. His father sees how frustrated his children are, feeling that they haven’t lived up to their parents’ expectations. He wants to tell them it doesn’t matter but he’s even lost the capacity to tell them he loves them.
Bart Freundlich’s self-assured feature debut stars Noah Wyle (E.R.’s John Carter) as Warren, the youngest son, whose return signals the moment the façade begins to crumble. This deeply resonant drama traces the intricate tapestry of a family whose members must reluctantly confront their need for each other before they can come to terms with their own lives. In their picture-perfect American home, what holds the family together is exactly what may tear it apart.

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