Director: Jean Becker

France • 2010 • 82 minutes

Jean Becker’s new film is the story of an unlikely friendship between Germain (Gerard Depardieu) and Margueritte (96-year-old Gisele Casadesus). Germain left school barely literate, and his mother often reminded him of what an accident his birth was. Living in a caravan in his garden, he tends to her (Maurane, assuming the role of the harridan), and is affectionately ridiculed by his friends. However, it’s not all bad; he is loved by Annette (Sophie Guillemin), and acquires a new friend in Margueritte. Living in a retirement home, her sole pleasure is reading in the park in which they meet. As she reads him a favourite passage, Germain is intrigued by the worlds open to him through reading, and finds a new lease of life, happily shared with Margueritte.

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