Moment to Remember, A

Director: John H. Lee

2004. English subtitles. Colour. Dolby digital stereo. 117 min.

The romantic melodrama is a staple of Korean cinema and this superior tearjerker from director John H. Lee has been an enormous hit at home. It stars the beautiful Son Ye-jin as Su-jin, a wealthy and successful career woman who is suddenly dumped by her married boyfriend. She then falls in love with Chol-soo (Jeong Woo-seung), a carpenter who has ambitions to become an architect. The couple marry and settle down to a fairy-tale existence until Su-jin is diagnosed as having a rare and deadly form of Alzheimer’s disease. Director Lee, or Lee Jae-han, is a Korean filmmaker who studied and worked in the U.S. before returning home to make this unashamedly romantic movie, which displays great technical skill as well as an ability to manipulate an audience’s emotions.

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