95minutes, UK, Ireland 2013, Colour, D-Cinema

Artistic Director of Dublin Theatre Festival Willie White will host a Q&A with filmmaker Joe Lawlor  following this preview screening. Star of the film, Aidan Gillen, will be in attendance.

Gerry travels to Singapore where his estranged brother, a bar owner who has possibly been involved in nefarious activities, has died in a drowning accident. It emerges that Gerry is running away from his own problems at home, and, as he becomes more immersed in a foreign culture and environment, taking on his brother’s mantle becomes appealing to him. The trouble is he is not exactly a suitable substitute for the dead man.

The second feature from the team behind Helen and the acclaimed Civic Life film programme, Mister John confirms Lawlor and Molloy as original and distinctive filmmakers. With a story involving snakebites, Asian superstition and dream sequences, it has a hallucinatory and poetic edge. It is an elegant, smart film with a wry and winning sense of humour and Aidan Gillen is mesmerising as a man falling apart at its centre. (Notes by Michael Hayden.)

Mister John opens on general release at the IFI on September 27th (times will be announced in our weekly schedule update).


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