Miracle On 34th Street

Director: George Seaton

(1994| 114 minutes| G)

An updated version of the 1947 classic about a department store Santa who may possibly be the genuine article, this charming movie begins with a kindly old gentleman, Kriss Kringle (Richard Attenborough), who is hired on sight and pressed into service as a department store’s Santa. Meanwhile, little Susan (Mara Wilson) is beginning to wonder if there might perhaps be a Santa Claus after all. If there is, she knows what she wants: a father, a brother, and a house of their own. Her own dad has not been seen for years, but Bryan (Dylan McDermott), a lawyer who lives next door, is in love with her mother (Elizabeth Perkins), who doesn’t believe in Santa, or love. When an attempt is made to have the old man declared insane because he really does believe he’s Santa Claus, Bryan is called upon to defend Kriss Kringle. This is a sweet, gentle, good-hearted film, and you’ll walk out humming Joy to the World.

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