Mina Tannenbaum

Director: Martine Dugowsons

Ddugowson’s film, perceptive, stylish and wise is surely one of the year’s freshest discoveries. Cutting a swathe through the personal histories of two young jewish parisiennes, aspiring painter Mina (Bohringer) and media wannabe Ethel (Zylberstein). It chronicles a friendship formed on childhood, forged closer by the romantic yearnings of adolescene, and tested severely by audlthood’s inevitable parting of the ways. Reflective Mina is anxiety-ridden while Ethel can turn on the brash exterior – and though the mutual relance born in their teenage years has given these individuals shelter form their insecurities. It may not survive their common interest in one man, the arrogant art-dealer Dana (Ecoffey). The insights here, the charge of a buried truch revealed, will surely shake you to your core.

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