107 minutes, Italy-France, 2015, Subtitled, Digital

This film was released on Friday 25th September 2015 and is no longer screening.

Director Margherita (Margherita Buy) is struggling with the making of a political drama about factory workers’ dispute with management, the stress of which is compounded by hospital visits to her terminally ill mother, Ada (Giulia Lazzarini). Distracted by the difficulties of filmmaking, including the monstrous ego of her fabulist lead actor (John Turturro), as well as a break-up with her boyfriend, Margherita seems to be in denial about the seriousness of her mother’s condition.

While she keeps her emotional distance, her brother Giovanni (director Nanni Moretti, whose own mother died during filming of 2011’s We Have a Pope) and daughter Livia (Beatrice Mancini) deal with the reality of the situation, caring for Ada and readying themselves for the loss of her. Maintaining a well-judged balance between comedy and drama, it’s Moretti’s best since his Palme d’Or-winning The Son’s Room (2001). (Notes by Kevin Coyne.)

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