Merchant of Venice, The

This adaptation of Shakespeare’s play about greed, usury, justice and revenge is set in contemporary Dublin where wealth and status are all-important, and racism is alive and well. The characters are young, attractive and rich, but some members of this seemingly successful society feel excluded. One such outsider is Shylock (played by director Mark Wale), a Jewish moneylender who harbours bitter resentments against Antonio (Declan Mills), the merchant of the title. When Bassanio (Seamus Allen) borrows money from Shylock to pay court to heiress Portia (Maeve Coogan) Antonio agrees to pledge a pound of his own flesh as security. But when Antonio’s ships fail, Shylock is eager to exact revenge.

Irl, 2001, Drama, 118 mins, Director: Mark Wale

Director and producer Mark Wale, who also plays Shylock in this adaptation of The Merchant of Venice, will be present after the screening to discuss the making of the film as well as themes/issues arising from the text.
Admission to this event is free. For more details contact fiieducation.


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