Director: Valerie Guignabodet


‘A marriage is like a town under siege — the people on the outside want in, and the people on the inside want out.’ A Chinese proverb that sets the both marks and belies this charming French romance from Valerie Guignabodet. Set in the beautiful French countryside, the film follows a young couple on the verge of exchanging vows and their network of friends and family whose own vows have long since passed but for whom marriage, even if they’ve divorced, still defines them. Guignabodet makes refreshing light of the sea of differences separating men and women, and she finds humour through innuendo and wordplay, to which any married couple can relate.

Led by the sultry Mathilde Seigner as a wife who’s chosen her friend’s wedding to break some bad news to her husband, and remarkably calm Miou-Miou, as a wife whose own husband finds himself breaking some bad news to her, Mariages! captures every state of love and loss over 40 years of relationships in the span of only 24 hours. Whether we always relate or not, Guignabodet makes us understand what it’s like not only to love but, more importantly, to be married.

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