Director: Erin Dignam

How far would you go in the name of love? Would you accept a lover’s abuse no matter what it cost? Hedda (Robin Wright Penn) is trying to forget the few years she spent in an abusive relationship, and would rather die that have to relive the experience. Now she is being subpoenaed to testify against the man she loved so much that she tolerated his violence as proof of his love. William Hurt plays K.D., the local D.A. investigating the case, who attempts to prosecute Hedda’s former lover. As he questions her on the witness stand he is at first caught and then intrigued by Hedda’s steadfast unwillingness to place blame on her ex-boyfriend.
This powerful, compelling film, expertly written and directed by Erin Dignam, explores the emotional reality so many women have to face. And Robin Wright Penn’s performance creates a searing portrayal of a woman with an unshakeable belief that she could have found the perfect relationship if she had loved just a little bit more.

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