94 minutes, Ireland-Netherlands-Luxemburg-Japan, 2013, Colour, D-Cinema

Tara Brady of The Irish Times will host a Q&A with  director Brendan Muldowney and actor Pollyanna McIntosh following the screening of Love Eternal on Thursday, July 3rd at 20.30. The film will continue its run at the IFI from July 4th.

Winner of the Best Irish Feature Award at this year’s JDIFF, this dark, tender romance introduces us to Ian (Robert de Hoog), an isolated young man intent on taking his own life. Chance encounters however, send him on a different path and he begins to experience the world first through interactions with the dead and later through an uneasy friendship with the alive but anguished Naomi (Pollyanna McIntosh).

Director Brendan Muldowney creates an exciting fusion of styles, using absurdist black comedy and gothic horror elements in tandem with probing character study. Adapted from Kei Oishi’s novel In Love with the Dead, Love Eternal is a beguiling fairy-tale about people rediscovering their zest for life. (Notes by Conor Dowling.)


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