77 minutes| U.S.| 1985| Colour

Horrorthon architect Edward ‘The King’ King is a qualified expert on the cinematic tsunami of low-grade ’80s teen sex comedies that followed the release of the seminal Porky’s in 1982, the majority of which follow a basic, winning formula: a collective of excitable young men (amongst them a nerd, a womaniser and a plus-sized slob) seek sexual congress with the opposite sex, with hilarious consequences, and little by way of actual sex. It’s absolutely crucial, that at some juncture, one of the aforementioned youths must dress in drag to infiltrate a female-only dormitory; in addition, you know that someone will pretend to be a doctor in order to encourage a patient to undress. Loose Screws may be a sequel to 1983’s Screwballs in title only, but the song remains the same: join us to celebrate – nee reclaim – one of the most reviled of genres, with a motion picture that features characters named Steve Hardman, Hugh G. Rection, and Mona Lott. Trust Ed on this one.

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