Director: Connie Walther

92 minutes| Germany| 2008| Subtitled| Colour| DTS Stereo| 35mm

Connie Walther’s Long Shadows tells of Valerie (Franziska Petri), a young woman struggling for closure in the face of the loss of her father at the hands of Red Army Faction terrorists. When she learns that the possible perpetrator, Widmar (Ulrich Noethen), is going to be released from prison after serving twenty years, she sets up an intricate plan to take revenge.

Well acted and featuring some highly evocative cinematography, Walther’s film is part revenge thriller and part philosophical drama. It concentrates on the perspective of the victims from both sides: the families of those murdered and the families of the terrorists. The script was co-written by former RAF member Peter-Jurgen Boock.

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