Director: IRA SACHS

85 mins, USA, 2016, Digital

This film was released 23rd September 2016, and is no longer screening.

★★★★★ The Guardain

★★★★★ Radio Times

Ira Sachs follows up Love is Strange (2014) with another exploration of male love, though this time it is the intense bond of friendship between two teenage boys that forms the emotional core of a film ostensibly about their parents’ economic and social conflicts. When his father dies, Brian (Greg Kinnear) inherits not only his Brooklyn brownstone but also its tenant, Leonor (Paulina García) and her ailing storefront dress-making shop.

Her brashly confident son Tony (Michael Barbieri) forms an immediate and unlikely bond with Brian’s introspective boy Jake (Theo Taplitz), though an escalating dispute over the meagre rent Leonor has been paying for years puts pressure on their relationship. Grounded by Sachs’ humane approach to his material, and the naturalism of the performances, Little Men is a deceptively subtle film that tackles weighty themes with a light touch. (Notes by David O’Mahony.)

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