Director: Andre Techine

France. 2004.105mins

In Les Temps qui Changent Andre Techine has extracted the best performance we’ve seen from Gerard Depardieu in recent and not-so-recent memory. Techine’s extraordinary accomplishment in this film is that he effortlessly achieves a graceful balance between the genre of French vacation film (country home, pool, family reunion) and that of French film shot à l’etranger. After convincing his company to post him there to oversee the construction of a new television studio facility, Antoine (Gerard Depardieu) arrives in Tangiers in search of Cecile (Catherine Deneuve), the first love of his life. He aims to win her back. However, Cecile has changed much more than he could have imagined, is married to a Morrocan and isn’t interested. Antoine persists, until an accident turns the tables. This film is quinessential Techine, and is to be cherished.Cast includes: Catherine Deneuve, Gerard Depardieu, Gilbert Melki.

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