Director: Philippe Lioret

1h 44min. 2003

Into the tight-knit community comes soulful stranger Antoine (Gregori Derangere), a young veteran of the Algerian war, assigned to join the team of lighthouse keepers despite the locals’ feeling that the job should have gone to one of their own. Easygoing and good-humored despite the animosity directed toward him, Antoine slowly bonds with sullen, unfriendly Yvon (Philippe Torreton) during their periods of extended isolation, working together in the offshore lighthouse. But back onshore, the newcomer is unable to disguise his deep attraction to Yvon’s wife Mabe (Sandrine Bonnaire), who clearly reciprocates. Perhaps the drama’s most distinctive aspect is its majestically lonely physical setting, which recalls Irish cinema more than French fare. Director Philippe Lioret ably harnesses elemental forces for dramatic intensity, from the winds that lash the island to the thundering seas buffeting the lighthouse.Cast includes: Sandrine Bonnaire, Philippe Torreton, Gregori Derangere.

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