Le Dernier Mot

The internet plays cupid in this adolescent romance between two outsiders: a sensitive young Irish girl and a French boy who suffers from an extreme stammer. Nicholas finds communication difficult while Cynthia is at odds with her parents and her schoolfriends. Their affection develops through the shared secret of their cyber relationship. On impulse, Cynthia decides to visit Nicholas in Paris. He has never dared to admit his handicap to her, and is terrified at the prospect. On her arrival, Nicholas’s loutish brother, Bertrand, seizes the opportunity to impersonate him but Nicholas has the last word…
DIRECTOR Sebastien Grall
PRODUCERS John Kelleher, Fabienne Servan-Schreiber
CAST Laura Brennan, Annie Girardot, MacDara ‘ Fatharta, Lorent Deutsch
RUNNING TIME 90 minutes

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