Last Supper at the Arabian Grey Horse

Director: Miklos Jansco

2001. English subtitles. Dolby stereo. 90 mins.

Now well into his eighties, Hungary’s most celebrated director, Miklos Jansco (The Round-Up, Red Psalm, et al), again demonstrates just how inventive, radical and original he continues to be. Last Supper tells of a raucous, desultory journey by two Beckettian tramps through post-communist Hungary. It ‘s the third recent Jansco film to feature the comic gravedigger characters known as Kapa and Pepe, who now encounter new forms of repression and resistance. After a stunning opening filmed atop Budapest ‘s Heroes’ Square, Kapa (Zoltan Mucsi) and Pepe (Peter Scherer) meet, and are ultimately rejected by, a large number of groups, including paramilitary skinheads, Mafiosi and political rebels. Often highly choreographed in traditional Jansc-style, the groups express their character through song and dance – traditional, pop, rock, rap – between continuous verbal banter by the two leads. Don ‘t miss this new work by one of world cinema’s most sophisticated visual stylists.

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