Last of the High Kings, The

The year is 1977, the place is Dublin and the music is Thin Lizzy. Based on Ferdia MacAnna’s novel, director David Keating’s Last of the High Kings features a star-studded cast that includes Gabriel Byrne, Christina Ricci, Jared Leto, Colm Meaney and Stephen Rea. The story centres on Frankie, who is convinced he is going to fail his school exams and that his dreams will be consigned to the scrap heap. He’s becoming increasingly obsessed with two local girls, but the most powerful woman in his life is his mother, a Celtic Warrior Queen who tells her children that they are descended from high Kings of Ireland. On his bedroom wall, Frankie marks the days remaining until the dreaded arrival of the exam results, when his life will end. In truth, Frankie is smart, gifted, courageous and very attractive to the opposite sex. Gradually he realises his worth and relaxes a little as he sees an exciting life ahead of him.
Ireland-Denmark-U.K., 1997. Colour. Dolby digital stereo. 102 mins.

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