85 minutes| Argentina-Spain| 2011| Subtitled| Colour| D-Cinema

However you describe it, this Argentinian offering sounds pretty simple fare. That, however, turns out to be the genius of a very special film which deservedly won a major prize at Cannes. The ingredients are a grumpy old truck driver, the young woman he’s agreed to take as a paying passenger, and her baby – a bit of a surprise that doesn’t please the man. The outline of their cross-country trip is not in itself utterly surprising, yet the manner of its unfolding proves quite magical. Dialogue is kept to a minimum; instead the relationships are played out in sideways glances, with the two leads, Germán de Silva and Nayra Calle Mamani, quite simply inhabiting their roles and interacting most persuasively as the infant girl makes hearts melt.

At one level, Pablo Giorgelli’s debut feature is about great filmmaking, yet it’s also about wisdom, about understanding people, their flaws and their possibilities. See this and feel better about the world. It’s that good. (Notes by Trevor Johnston.)


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