92 minutes| France| 1984| Subtitled| Colour| Digital Video

Is there love after death? Resnais’ film digs deep into issues of love, faith and resurrection as understood and experienced by four friends, one of whom has suffered a seemingly fatal heart attack but then comes back to life. Scenes alternate in content and atmosphere between the intensity of secular and religious debate and the eeriness of dream. They are punctuated by interludes of Hans Werner Henze’s music, which is heard over shots of illuminated particles falling against darkness: are these moments simply for reflection or are they representative of the omnipresence of Death, which is awaiting its moment? Recalling François Truffaut’s underrated 1978 film The Green Room (La chambre verte) in its contemplation of how death should be confronted and commemorated, the film is also a powerful love story that transports you into weird and unnerving emotional spaces. It is performed with passionate conviction by four of Resnais’ regular actors: Sabine Azema, Pierre Arditi, Fanny Ardant and Andre Dussollier.

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