La question humaine

Director: Nicolas Klotz

France| 2007| 143 mins

Simon is the corporate psychologist for the German firm FC Farb, a petrochemical company based in Paris. He is well-respected for his work, selfassured, ambitious, and a trusted member of staff. But when the assistant director presents him with the challenge of assessing the mental health of the firm’s director, he is forced to confront some disturbing revelations about his methods and his workplace. Simon’s search heads down an unexpected path, yielding more and more questions about the history of FC Farb, in particular the company’s relationship with the Nazi regime in the Second World War. Working again with Elisabeth Perceval (here adapting François Emmanuel’s book), Nicolas Klotz has cemented his reputation as one of France’s most provocative and politically engaged filmmakers. The third in a loose trilogy, preceded by Pariah and La blessure, La question humaine is perhaps the most haunting, Nicolas Klotz (director) & Elisabeth Perceval (screenwriter) will be present at this screening and will give a Q&A afterwards.

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