Director: Curtis Hanson

1997 • COLOUR

The STAGE TO SCREEN season opens with a public interview with James Cromwell (in town to appear in Druid’s Long Day’s Journey into Night). Well known to Irish film enthusiasts for his roles as an evil Irish cop in LA Confidential and as Reverend Austen in the recent Irish production, Becoming Jane , Cromwell will discuss his own career and the differing demands of stage and screen performance.
The interview will be followed by a screening of Curtis Hanson’s LA Confidential in which Cromwell joins Kevin Spacey, Russell Crowe, Guy Pearce and Kim Bassinger to deliver a modern film-noir classic. This densely-plotted narrative of police corruption in 1950s LA unfolds with superb dramatic tension, compelling character development, beautiful cinematography and magnificent ensemble performances. Cromwell, as Captain Dudley Liam Smith, is chillingly soft-spoken throughout – the crookedest cop of all.

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