82 minutes, Poland-Ireland, 2015, Subtitled, Digital

This film screened on Thursday 3rd December 2015.

On an ordinary day on and around Warsaw’s Grzybowski Square, the lives of a disparate group of people overlap over the course of 11 minutes, leading to an unexpected chain of events that will decide many of their fates. Among them are: a beautiful young actress, newly wed, but at risk of falling prey to an oleaginous director (Richard Dormer); a hot dog vendor with a troubling past; a motorcycle courier making illicit deliveries; and a broken-hearted woman finding comfort in her loyal dog. Made with real verve, the film works as both brash thriller and depiction of the vagaries of fate.

Showing as part of IFI & Kinopolis Polish Film Festival (3rd-6th December). For more details see the festival homepage.

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