Kebab Connection

Director: Anno Saul

Germany| 2005. English subtitles. Colour. Dolby digital stereo Ex. 95 min.

Ethnic comedies don’t get much more enjoyable than director Anno Saul’s Kebab Connection, an imaginatively directed farce about tensions between Turkish and Greek emigrants in Germany. Stereotypes are played thick and fast, but good-natured self-mockery and star Dennis Moschitto’s terrific physicality carry the picture. Moschitto plays wannabe film-maker Ibo, who gets backing from his uncle to promote the family’s King of Kebab greasy spoon by filming a commercial to run at a local cinema. The advertisement, a spot-on martial arts parody replete with duelling shish kebab spears and wire tricks, works wonders and makes Ibo a local hero. It also increases his uncle’s business tenfold at the expense of the Greek tavern across the street. Ibo’s riding high until girlfriend Titzi (Nora Tschirner, an MTV star in Germany) announces she’s pregnant. Ibo’s traditional Turkish dad, Mehmet (Guven Kirac), blows a gasket and kicks him out. Meanwhile, Ibo’s second commercial for his uncle, this time with a gangster theme, fails to draw crowds, and Ibo decides to shape up and learn how to be a hands-on father before the delivery date. Although Saul occasionally tries to cram too much in, his knack for witty spoofs and sharp comic timing make the most out of the script’s playful balancing of cultures.

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