Just for Kicks

Director: Thibault de Liongeville and Lisa Leone

U.S.A.| 2005. Colour. Digital video. 67 min.

This slick and stylish documentary takes a look at the obsession with sneakers that turned them from mere sportswear into a magnet for collectors and an industry worth $26 billion annually. Directors Thibault de Liongeville and Lisa Leone trace the evolution of sneakers from their early adoption by style warriors in the ghettos of 1970s New York. to Run-DMC’s role in catapulting Adidas into the consciousness of global youth culture and Nike’s visionary marketing strategies targeting urban populations worldwide. The fashion phenomenon started and remains rooted in the hip-hop community, whose beats and personalities dominate here. Celebrity interviews, great graphics and a breakneck pace make for a sharp and entertaining history of the world’s most popular form of footwear.

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