Just an Ordinary Life

Director: Pamela Meyer-Arndt


Director Pamela Meyer-Arndt reveals an unusually tender and feminine view of reality in this poetic study of how censorship in the GDR affected the creative work of photographers.

In a journey back in time, three East German photographers of world renown—Sibylle Bergemann, Helga Paris and Gundula Schulze Eldowy—remember and talk about what work and life was like under the GDR regime. Many of the photographers of the time lived in fear, and some even went to prison. But their experiences are individually very different and it becomes clear that censorship in the life of each photographer has affected them in different ways.

The film features a series of photographs from three decades of life in the former GDR, dealing directly or indirectly with contentious issues of society. Astonishingly enough, despite a strict censorship regime, most of the photos were published without difficulty.

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