Jeanne et le Garçon Formidable


1h 35min. 1997

A modern-day attempt to capture the magic of Hollywood musicals in general and the spirit of Jacques Demy’s twin flights of fancy The Umbrellas of Cherbourg and The Young Girls of Rochefort in particular.. A free-spirited and cheeerfully promiscuous young Parisian given to alternating bouts of girlishness and snobbishness, Jeanne (Ledoyen) is a receptionist at the Jet Tour travel agency. An equal opportunity lover, Jeanne’s involved in affairs with both conceited agency executive Jean-Baptiste and a lowly delivery boy — both of whom, of course, are far more lovestruck than she is. One day Jeanne meets Olivier (Mathieu Demy) on a subway car. Smitten, the make love on the empty train, but this time there’s a difference: Jeanne just knows that Olivier is the perfect guy. When they meet again later, outside a sold-out screening of Springtime in Paris, Olivier reveals that a past drug addiction has left him HIV positive. We used a condom, didn’t we? says Jeanne by way of acceptance. Yet when Olivier disappears after being discharged from the hospital following a collapse, Jeanne must learn to go on without him.

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