J’ai toujours rêve d’être un gangster

Director: Samuel Benchetrit

France • 2007 • 117 minutes

Wry, nostalgic and wonderfully nutty, Samuel Benchetrit’s comedy, appropriately shot in black and white, is a warm if cockeyed homage to old-time crime movies. Told in four episodes, the film is mostly set in a roadside diner where all the characters intersect. It begins with a petty thief who considers holding up the diner even though he hasn’t got a gun. The second episode features Bouli Lanners and Serge Lariviere as hapless kidnappers who quickly become surrogate parents to the rich, spoiled teenager in their care. In the third story, pop stars Alain Bashung and Arno play themselves as they meet by chance and reopen old professional wounds. And the final chapter provides a wonderful spin on feelings of nostalgia for crime capers of yore.

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