It’s Easier for a Camel . . .

Director: Valeria Bruno Tedeschi


Federica (Valeria Bruno Tedeschi) is rich-too rich. It’s summer in Paris, but as her father lies in hospital about to die, her imminent inheritance is only going to make matters worse. Her family are in disarray-mother is just about coping; brother is detached; sister is bad tempered and confrontational. Meantime, Federica’s boyfriend is pushing her to settle down and have kids. She’s really not sure, and even less so when her former lover turns up out of the blue.
A protagonist wrestling with her feelings about death and responsibility and money might not sound like the basis for a bright and breezy comedy, but that’s exactly what this is, and a good one at that. Already a big success with audiences in France, It’s Easier for a Camel . . . [the title is taken from one of the Lord’s alleged slights against the rich] relies heavily on the charms of director-writer-actor Valeria Bruno Tedeschi, notwithstanding the sterling and starry supporting cast. Fortunately, she’s a winning presence on screen, and a familiar one from many acting roles (Les Sentiments, Rien à fair, Au cÏur du mensonge). She also seems to have slipped behind the camera with an enviable lightness of touch. Co-scripted by the estimable Noemie Lvovsky (and sharing some stylistic touches with her Life Doesn’t Scare Me/La vie ne me fait pas peur), It’s Easier for a Camel . . . is proof that entertaining fun doesn’t have to be formulaic.

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