108 minutes| Greece| 1975| Colour

If ever a film’s reputation preceded it, it’s Island Of Death this notorious 1975 Euroshocker claimed pride of place on the UK Video Nasty; thirty years on, the uncut version remains banned in the UK. For this very special screening, Horrorthon will be presenting a restored version of Island Of Death in all its gory glory: rest assured, this brutally audacious ‘blasterpiece’ of sadomasochistic sex and violence hasn’t lost any of its ability to shock and awe. Greek writer/director/cinematographer/editor/actor Nico Mastorakis deliberately set out to create an exploitation flick that would offend any and all sensibilities, a depraved morality play that gleefully wallows in its own transgression. He succeeded. It’s the twisted tale of a psychopathic young British couple on a merciless killing spree across a Greek island. Like its protagonists, it takes no prisoners.

We’re delighted to be joined for this screening by Nico Mastorakis himself, who will participate in a Q&A session directly after the screening with Horrorthon’s Ed King.

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