Irish Film Archive: LSD

To mark the passing of the punt into the collective memory, the IFA presents a programme of films full of tender nostalgia for legal tender. Where Does the Money Go? (1954) is an information film promoting the use of Post Office savings accounts. It shows various frivolous ways that men and women squander money. In For Love and Money (1961), Post Office colleagues Donal (Milo O’Shea) and Maureen (Maureen Toal) are engaged to be married until Maureen becomes dissatisfied with Donal’s lack of savings and returns his ring. Donal fantasises about various ways of making money but eventually opens a Post Office savings account, builds a nest egg and wins his Maureen back. Amharc Eireann: Eagran 93 (1961) is a newsreel covering the opening of Dublin’s first drive-in bank in Baggot Street. Your Money’s Worth (1974) is about the workings of the Irish economy following decimalisation in 1971. Finally, Paul Mercier’s highly acclaimed short feature Before I Sleep (1998) stars Brendan Gleeson as an unemployed businessman who wanders through an inhospitable Dublin in search of a bank loan and a job.

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