Irish Film Institute -IRISH COMMUNITIES ON FILM: Irish Communities Abroad

IRISH COMMUNITIES ON FILM: Irish Communities Abroad

Goodbye to Glocamorra
Radharc • 1968 • 27 mins
The suburb of Inwood, NY, has been called the last of the Irish ghettos. Irish accents can be heard, Irish newspapers bought and GAA matches played. The Radharc team visits Inwood and explores Irish attitudes to the arrival of new ethnic groups into the district.
Guests of Another Nation
Dir/prod: John Fleming/Mark Stewart • 1988 • 28 mins
This recently re-discovered independent documentary captures the alienation of young Irish emigrants in London in the late 1980s through interviews with a labourer, a nurse, a businessman, a priest, and musician Cathal Coughlan.
The Forgotten Irish
Radharc • 1981 • 46 mins
A remote Newfoundland township, settled by Irish fishermen from the southeast corner of Ireland over two centuries ago. Little has changed for this geographically-isolated community over the years. The songs, dances and devotions are reminiscent of an Ireland which many people have forgotten.

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