Irish Film Institute -IRISH COMMUNITIES ON FILM: Alternative Communities

IRISH COMMUNITIES ON FILM: Alternative Communities

The Silent Order
George Fleischmann • 1948 • 10 mins
The silent order of Trappist monks from the Monastery of the Holy Cross, Roscrea, Co. Tipperary go quietly about their business as farmers, scholars, artists and writers.
Bob Quinn • 1979 • 28 mins
This remarkably revealing documentary, set on the a small island off the coast of Donegal, documents ordinary and extraordinary moments in the lives of an unusual community known as ‘Atlantis’, but more popularly known as ‘The Screamers’ – a group who believe that screaming in itself is a form of therapy.
Roll Up Your Sleeves
Dylan Haskins • 2008 • 27 mins
This debut film was shot over a two year period by Dylan Haskins and his friends. A journey that begins with a series of non-profit gigs in his own home in Ireland, leads to an illuminating European tour with Haskins driving US folk punk band, Ghost Mice, from town to town and discovering that the global phenomenon of do-it-yourself culture is about much more than the music. Screening followed by a Panel Discussion at 2.00pm

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