Director: Pat Collins

57 minutes| 2011| Colour

Ireland on Sunday is our monthly showcase for new Irish Film.

This month we welcome Pat Collins, one of Ireland’s most lyrical film artists, with a new documentary which is as reflective and insightful as his earlier portraits.

Tim Robinson has been extensively mapping and studying Connemara for the last 30 years. His work has gained international recognition through publications such as Listening to the Wind, The Last Pool of Darkness and his forthcoming A Little Gaelic Kingdom. Tim Robinson: Connemara, a documentary based on the three Connemara books, is a visual interpretation of his work as a map-maker and writer, and an exploration of landscape, history and mythology.

‘Quite simply one of the most beautiful Irish films ever made. Grainne Humphries, Jameson Dublin International Film Festival.

Pat Collins will join us for a post-screening Q&A.

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