Director: Eamonn Gray

80 minutes| Ireland| 2011| Colour| Digi-beta

Ireland on Sunday is our monthly showcase for new Irish Film.

This new independent Irish feature follows a reclusive freelance journalist, John K, who’s hired by a psychiatrist to investigate the death of a patient.

The job starts out as a profitable distraction from his dying brother’s impassioned plea for a kidney transplant, but soon takes on a more sinister aspect as the case begins to mirror John’s own life. Is he being set up and groomed to replace the dead man? Or worse, to join him?

Inspired by and cleverly emulating the style of noir-ish ’70s thrillers The Parallax View and Klute, writer/director Eamonn Gray and cinematographer/producer Basil Al Rawi succeed in creating a dark, murky world of urban intrigue.

Eamonn Gray and Basil Al Rawi will participate in a post-screening Q&A.

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