Director: BENNY CHAN

129 minutes| Hong Kong| 2007| Subtitled| Colour| Anamorphic| Dolby Digital Stereo| 35mm

Hong Kong cinema is driven by unsung craftsmen like filmmaker Benny Chan, an ever-dependable presence behind the camera for over two decades now, firing off a movie a year with utter professionalism and an occasional soupçon of directorial panache. Chan’s Invisible Target is a textbook example of a modern Hong Kong crowd-pleaser, delivering the goods with a rigorous efficiency that’s an absolute pleasure to experience. Pop sensation Nicholas Tse (who also appears in Storm Warriors) is the loose cannon cop teamed with two other officers to take down a vicious gang of heist merchants – all three, naturally, have a personal interest in the case. Invisible Target is a film with a single burning mission: to deliver as many deeply cool action sequences as possible, which it does in spades. That said, there’s a vivid physicality and tangible dynamic to the action here that’s almost totally absent from the pap that Hollywood’s been churning out recently.

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