International Competitive Shorts 3

I’m Busy
Director: Gerry Fournier
Production: Studio B Productions
Synopsis: Patience and persistence are put to the test in this allegory of denial and desire amongst lower management.
Duration: 2 mins 10 secs

Director: Steffen Schaeffler
Production: Annette Schaeffler
Synopsis: The story of a man who sealed himself off in medieval plague-infested London to escape the danger of infection. When an ill little girl seeks his help his life is turned upside down.
Duration: 14 mins 43 secs

Director: Piet Kroon
Production Company: The Illuminated Film Company
Synopsis: T.R.A.N.S.I.T presents a classic nineteen-twenties love tragedy as a puzzle for the audience to unravel.
Duration: 12 mins

Johnny Bravo
Production: Cartoon Network
Synopsis: His ‘studliness’ Johnny Bravo is a biceps-bulging, karate-chopping free spirit who believes he is god’s gift to all women on earth.
Duration: 22mins.

The Old Man and the Sea (Academy Award Winner – Best animated short)
Director: Alexander Petrov
Production: Pascal Blais Productions
Synopsis: The Old Man and the Sea, is a story of friendship between a young boy and an aging fisherman tormented by hunger and weeks of ill luck. Santiago, a once strong, proud man is coming to terms with his abilities and age.
Duration: 22 mins

Production: SUPINFOCOM
Synopsis: In the barrack-room, the dreams of the good US soldiers are telescoping and this is the beginning of a joyful crush.
Duration: 6’11

Stick Man
Director: Randy Jamison
Production: Wirestone
Synopsis: Stick Man loses his head
Duration: 1 min 45 secs

Just in Time
Synopsis: Still physically suffering from a car accident 16 years ago, a trip by train all over the USA evoked feelings I haven’t been aware of for a long time.
Duration: 8 mins 50 secs

Joe Paradise
Director: Roque Ballesteros
Production: Wild Brain
Synopsis: Joe Paradise had everything when he worked for Mama, the biggest, meanest mob boss of them all. But when Joe grew tired of all the dirty dealing and wanted out he found it ain’t so easy to walk away from Mama.
Duration: 6 mins

For the Birds
Director: Ralph Eggleston
Production: Karen Dufilho PIXAR
Synopsis: A story about a flock of small birds perched on a telephone wire and a larger bird that tries to join them.

Bob and Margaret- A New Life
Director: Jamie Whitney
Production: Nelvana Ltd. Silver Light Productions
Duration: 22 mins

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