75 minutes| Iceland-U.K.-Canada| 2011| Colour/Black and White| D-Cinema

On hiatus for the last three years, but with a new album in the works, Sigur Rós break their silence with Inni (translated as ‘inside’), their second concert film after Heima (2007). Whereas the earlier film incorporated footage from the various shows of the group’s 2006 tour of Iceland and interspersed it with interviews, the new film is a much more straightforward document of the band as a live act, consisting of the group’s last show to date, in London in 2008, and small interludes of archival footage from their history.

Directed by Vincent Morisset, who was also responsible for Arcade Fire’s Mirror Noir documentary, it’s shot in beautiful monochrome, with the image treated by Morisset and Godspeed You! Black Emperor visual collaborator Karl Lemieux.

For those fortunate enough to have experienced Sigur Rós live, the film will be a thrilling reminder; for those still awaiting the opportunity, it’s a tantalising glimpse of what’s to come. (Notes by Kevin Coyne.)

Please be advised – strobe lighting and flashing images are used during Sigur Rós’ live performance footage. 

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