Inner Scar, The

One of the best known of Garrel’s films, The Inner Scar was the first of seven features he made with ‘the love of his life’, Nico. Shooting on four continents in exotic landscapes allowed Garrel to indulge his then passion for long takes and sequence shots. Visibly the result of zealous psychotropic experimentation, The Inner Scar begins with the well-known sequence-shot of a demented Nico and Garrel himself desperately seeking coordinates in an uncooperative desert space. Primarily a Grail Quest, with its visual style influenced by Ingres, and featuring a naked Pierre Clementi riding on horseback, this is very much Garrel at his most extreme. (France, 1970/71. English and German. Colour. 60 mins.) Plus Rue Fontaine, Garrel’s episode from Paris Vu Par…20 Ans Apres, featuring Jean-Pierre Leaud in love with an actress based on Jean Seberg.
France, 1984.
17 mins.
In French

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