Director: Doug Pray

U.S.A.| 2005. Colour. 100 min.

Acclaimed documentarian Doug Pray has twice investigated the mores of musical subcultures, tracking the explosion of the Seattle music scene in Hype! and the rise of the hip-hop DJ in Scratch. Now he turns to visual street culture with Infamy, an intense journey into the lives and minds of seven people obsessed with graffiti in all its forms, from simple vandalism, tagging and ‘throw-ups’ to publicly sanctioned productions and murals. Shot primarily in New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Los Angeles, the film offers day-in-the-life segments with highly regarded graffiti writers SABER, ENEM, CLAW, TOOMER, EARSNOT, JASE, and Joe ‘the graffiti guerilla’ Connolly. Infamy also features numerous interviews and scenes with the friends, families and fellow crew members of the film’s central magnificent seven.

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