IN THE ATTIC: WHO HAS A BIRTHDAY TODAY?/Na pude aneb Kdo ma dneska narozeniny?

Director: Jiri Barta

74 mins • Czech Republic • 2009

A group of unloved toys including lazy Teddy Bear, Plasticine Schubert and Marionette Prince Charming live amongst the junk in an attic. When pretty Buttercup is kidnapped by other toys living in the dark corner, they set about trying to rescue her. Legendary Czech animator Jiri Barta and his team have hand-created this hugely inventive, stop-motion animation with massive amounts of imagination, and all the bits and pieces you might find in the attic. In Czech with English subtitles read aloud by an experienced reader. AGE 8+Supported by the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Dublin.

I really liked the film. It was funny at times and also scary, it reminded me of how my dreams are sometimes, they can be frightening but everything is ok in the end. The film would be good for nine or ten year olds as it might be a little bit scary for children who were smaller than that.

It is a story about toys that live in an attic.One of the toys called Buttercup is kidnapped and the others all work together to save her and are very brave. I liked the way they did that and I was very relieved when they succeeded in the end.

My favourite character was called Schubert, he was funny and was made of plasticine, he was also very brave and never gave up.
It wasn’t like any other film I’ve seen. It was the first film I have watched that has subtitles but I didn’t find it hard to read.
It was an animation but not like a cartoon and it was very clever the way they used ordinary things in the film for the characters and things like the sea and the clouds.

It was really nice to see something that was different to the films I normally see in the cinema, I would give it three and a half stars out of five.

By Eve Ayoubi (age 9)


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