In Bed

Director: Matias Bize

Chile-Germany| 2005. Subtitled. Colour. Dolby Digital Stereo. 85 min

Unfolding entirely in a cheap motel, Chilean sex-comedy-drama In Bed features a couple (Blanca Lewin and Gonzalo Valenzuela) who’ve just met hours before working through a packet of condoms together and having a one-night relationship in miniature. The film’s elegantly simple, Richard Linklater-esque concept, written by Julio Rojas, is energetically consummated by young director Matias Bize (Saturday) and its handsome leads. The film opens with noisy sounds of lovemaking. After the sex is over, Daniela (Lewin) and Bruno (Valenzuela) discuss past sexual exploits and longer relationships, watch TV, and share a bath. During a post-coital massage, Bruno lets slip that he’s leaving in a week for Belgium, and suddenly the flicker of hope goes out in Daniela’s eyes. Like Beckett’s tramps in Waiting for Godot, they announce several times it’s time to go, but neither actually leaves and the mood lightens again, leading to a third, tender tussle in the sack. By the end, the two have revealed major secrets they’ve never told before, emboldened by the belief they won’t meet again. —Leslie Felperin/Variety.

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