Director: Claude Miller & Nathan Miller

90 minutes • France • 2009

Put up for adoption at the age of four, Tommy (an intense Vincent Rottiers), now 20, tracks down his birth mother Julie (Sophie Cattani) and inserts himself into her life in this subtly Freudian tale, based on real events. Julie is now divorced with a young son, whom Tommy offers to baby-sit while Julie carouses, hoping to protect his half-brother from a situation he remembers all too well. As his relationship with Julie becomes more complex, Tommy’s simmering resentment and confusion find expression in a moment of shocking violence. Material which could in lesser hands have made for a lurid and exploitative experience is handled here with remarkable sensitivity and tact by the co-directors, the experienced Claude and neophyte son Nathan, creating a film of undeniable emotional power.

(Nov 26th includes introduction by Claude Miller.)<

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