Director: David Miller

Programme includes Cabin Fever: 10 mins, Ireland, 2013, Blu-Ray; Winter Tells Lies: 12 mins, Ireland, 2007, Blu-Ray; Nautilus: 5 mins, Ireland, 2013, Blu-Ray

Following on from the first Synthesis programme in June, the IFI and Fractal Music present a second selection of works by Irish-based artists and composers which showcases diverse approaches to the interplay between visual and musical narrative. The pieces here distort conventional structures to forge new bonds between music and film. The programme features premieres of works by Hugh Rodgers and Camilla Fanning which have been created especially for the event.

Fractal is a music production company directed by Philip Lawson and Anna Murray, dedicated to providing new outlets and contexts for creating music and art.

Works featured include: Nautilus – Anna Murray (Music and visuals); Winter Tells Lies – Music by Jonathan Nangle, visuals by Agnieszka Kaminska; Cabin Fever– Music by Francis Heery, visuals by Irene Murphy; Truth and Beauty – Music by Emma O’Halloran, visuals by Marie Hanlon; A Day In A Life – Visuals by Camilla Fanning; and New Work- Music and Visuals by Hugh Rodgers. 

IFI has changed from a monthly schedule to a weekly schedule. Screening times of New Releases and IFI Classics will now be announced on a weekly basis. Read our news item here.


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